This always happens with me.

I want summer to be here, and once it's here, I'm bored. Then, when school comes along, I want it to be summer again.

*sighs* It never, ever ends. What a vicious cycle.


Summer is just around the corner...

...and I am definitely ready for it.

Not much of an entry, but then again, I don't have that much to say.

That is all.



From left to right: My sister, brother, me.

My brother graduated high school today.

I have to wonder: where does time go? It was just yesterday I was holding him in my arms and tickling him, listening to his little laugh. Now, he's going off to college in August. We're a close-knit family, and though I am happy he's going off and starting his life, I'm going to miss him terribly.



Taking On Water

...I never thought I could love another song as much as I love Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.

But I was wrong.

On John Mayer's blog, he's doing a "Take Your Fans To Work Day" or TYFTWD for short. He's given his fans a sneak peek of one of his new songs, titled "Taking On Water"...for now. Whatever it's titled, it's absolutely beautiful.

Take a listen.


P.S. John, you've done it again. :D


Makin' Music With John Mayer

Okay, as if I didn't love the guy before...I want to marry him now! He is so hilariously funny, and this video is proof.

Number of times watched so far: 10.
Number of times watched consecutively: 10.